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Sunday 17 June 2012

Father's Day

My husband has been quiet about father's day.  It's difficult that it's so close to Griffin's birthday and he isn't in touch with his own father.  It feels like he's missing out on both sides.  We were at church today and the sermon was on the theme of Fathers day, like we didn't get enough of it in all the shops, but this was on the difficulties of dealing with Father's day.  So many people have issue with the day, those who have lost their fathers or have difficult relationships with them.  I do think it's good to have a day to honour Fathers but it's tough on alot of people for alot of different reasons.

We are still trying to figure out what to do on Friday, we have both taken the day off.  Last year we went to Hampstead Heath with some friends and flew kites but I don't feel that it's right this year.  We might go to the beach for the day or go for a picnic in the park.  If the weather is miserable we might just stay in bed and get pizza delivered. whatever we do we will be honouringou r son by being together and thinking abouthim.


  1. I'll be thinking of you both and Griffin this Friday.xo

  2. You are so right that the best way you can honor your son is to be together and to think of him. However you do it is secondary to that. I will be thinking of you too.

  3. Hope your husband's Father Day was ok... thinking of you all xoxo