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Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Being Scottish, the new year never starts on the 1st.  One really can't start anew after a night of no sleep.  So today is it.

I got a bike for Christmas which ties in nicely with my resolution to do more exercise and to try and give TfL less of my money.  The cost of a round trip to work on the tube has gone up by 60p!!!!  Grrrrr...  It's too far for me to start off cycling to work (16 miles and unavoidable main roads) so I have something to aim for.  I'm thinking by the end of summer term would be realistic.

Christmas was alright really.  I had a couple of sad moments but mostly had a good time.  It was a much smaller scale event than normal as my brother couldn't make it and the extended family was scattered across the globe.  Mum was insistent on the whole Christmas dinner thing so there were masses of leftovers.  It was her birthday a few days later so we managed to get through most of it before coming home.

A good friend of mine has a 2 year old and I was never upset by him before but after seeing him this time I was devastated.  Before he was always quite a bit bigger than Griffin would have been but this time they'd both have been toddling about getting under the feet and being fed cake by the bigger kids (at Mum's birthday party).  I guess as he gets older the age gap will mean less.

Other new year resolutions are to cultivate my spiritual side (Starting with meditation, being able to turn my mind off from time to time would be good.)  and to see ideas through more.  I have so many unfinished projects.

Happy New Year and may 2012 be all you hope it can be.



  1. Sounds like a good plan. Best wishes for the new year. xo

  2. Hi Sara - I am so sorry to read of the loss of your little Griffin. I hope blogging brings you a bit of comfort - a way to think through the grief.

    If you are interested in meeting more bloggers in the community, have you considered adding your blog to this blogroll?
    You could also read through the blogs of others in a similar situation, which can be helpful.

    I will be thinking of you ...