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Monday, 9 May 2011


My blog passed 300 views today and have 8 followers.  When I started this thing a couple of months ago I never really expected anyone to read it.  Thanks for reading.

I've had a really weird week or so emotionally.  I guess there's been a lot on.  It's been hectic at work and I've taken on a second job.  I'm planning on starting up a small business of my own so I need some start up cash but this was really the wrong week to take anything new on.

I've been keeping myself artificially busy.  I thought I was doing alright but I realised today that I'm keeping myself distracted so I don't have to be quiet by myself.  I've discovered whole new tv series that I was never into before or that I'd gone off.  Glee, Chuck, Grey's Anatomy, House... the list goes on.  I've been spending my free time watching back episodes of so-so American drama.  Then this evening I stayed at home rather than go to a friend's birthday party.  I'm simultaneously avoiding other people and spending time on my own.  In both I am managing to procrastinate from doing anything of use, from housework, to exercise, to new business plans.  

I have bursts of almost hyper activity and high moods then lengths of nothing-ness.  Not as much as sadness, more of a flat feeling, stagnant.

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  1. all those feelings are so familiar! It's a horrible roller coaster ride. Right now I'm in an alright place, but always wonder when it's going to throw me for another loop.
    Sending hugs your way...